Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, Maine ● Line of Duty Death: September 23, 2021

Deputy Luke Gross of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office in Maine was struck by a pickup truck, and sadly killed, while responding to a car crash on September 23, 2021. His death shook the community, as he was loved by all.

Gross was known for being a big kid at heart, and life was an adventure to him. Gross strived to help those in need; he loved being a police officer and genuinely cared for those he helped throughout his time of service. Working with the community, especially the schools and children, was a passion which led to the introduction of the DARE program into their area. His accomplishments include 20 year camp counselor at CAMP POSTCARD, 18 years of service with HSCO, DARE Officer, and Citizen of the year awarded posthumously. 

Many of Luke’s colleagues said his best qualities were his kindness and empathy, which will never be forgotten. He would do anything for his family and his children. 

His children, Alissa and Ryan, recall their dad as a father who was always willing to drop what he was doing and join in the fun. They described him as the world’s greatest bear-hugger.

While speaking at Gross’s funeral, Hancock County Sheriff Scott Kane got choked up while going through the alphabet describing Gross’s best qualities with each letter.

Sheriff’s Deputy Luke Gross is survived by his wife Lauren, son, Ryan, and daughter, Alissa.