Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, Florida ● Line of Duty Death: July 3, 2011

On July 3rd, 2011 Sheriff’s Deputy John C. Mecklenburg passed away while he was in pursuit of a reckless driver who was going the wrong way on the roads.

Mecklenburg was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and grew up there until 1988 when he moved to Clearwater, Florida. He only spent two years there before moving for a final time to Spring Hill, Florida in 1990. As a child he enjoyed going to the shooting range with his dad and taking long road trips with family.

Mecklenburg enlisted in the United States Army immediately following high school but would soon see himself be discharged for medical reasons. After serving his time with the military Mecklenburg attended the police academy in 2006 and began working his new career for the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office in January of 2009. He worked there for two and a half years where he made a long lasting impact on everyone he came in contact with. He was an incredible father and husband who will be missed and remembered every day.

Sheriff’s Deputy John C. Mecklenburg is survived by his wife Penny, and their son Andrew, and daughter Jessica.