New York City Police Department ● Line of Duty Death: January 21, 2022

On January 21st, 2022 NYPD Detective Jason Rivera was fatally shot while responding to a domestic dispute in Harlem. The incident also claimed the life of Detective Wilbert Mora. Rivera was just 22 years old and had only served with the NYPD for just over a year, leaving behind his wife of three months. 

Rivera was motivated to join the NYPD from his experiences growing up in Inwood, Manhattan and witnessing the relationship between the police and the rest of the community, particularly his own family’s encounters with police officers. Rivera joined the NYPD’s police academy in November 2020 with ambitions to better the relationship between the police force and the citizens of New York City, and was proud to be part of, as he stated, “the greatest police force in the world.” Rivera had stated that as soon as he applied, he knew that law enforcement was the right career path for him. More than anything, Rivera wanted to make a positive impact on his community. Rivera was assigned to the 32nd precinct at the time of his death, and was posthumously promoted to the rank of Detective First Grade.

Rivera is remembered by his family, friends and colleagues as warm, caring, and consistently positive in his demeanor. Many recall that Rivera was a fundamentally appreciative and grateful person, stating on numerous occasions that he felt blessed to have the life that he did. He was passionate about uplifting his community and motivating others to work towards success. 

NYPD Detective Jason Rivera is survived by his wife, Dominique, and their newborn son, Wesley.