Buffalo Fire Department, New York ● Line of Duty Death: March 1, 2023

On March 1, 2023, Buffalo Fire Department Firefighter Jason Arno lost his life while battling a four-alarm fire at a commercial building with his fellow firefighters from Engine Company 2.

Arno was born and raised in Buffalo, New York alongside his seven siblings. Before joining the Buffalo Fire Department, where he served for three years prior to his death, Arno worked at several bars and restaurants in a variety of roles, which is where he eventually met his wife, Sarah-Elizabeth, in 2012. The year prior, his love of entertaining and cooking led him to enroll in culinary school in 2011, where he was offered the unique opportunity to intern at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

Arno’s loved ones recall that the birth of his daughter, Olivia, in 2019 was the most significant day of his life. With the desire to care for and provide for his wife and daughter, Arno entered the fire academy in 2020. His first assignment after graduating was Rescue 1, where his eagerness to learn and improve set him apart from other probies. Arno’s dedication followed him from his first assignment to Rescue 1, to Engine 4, to his final assignment with Engine Co. 2.

Arno is remembered as a lifelong friend by many, and it is evident the impact that he made on every single person he met throughout his life. Most of all, he is remembered as a loving husband and father, putting his family above all else. Being a father to his daughter, Olivia, was the greatest joy of his life.

Firefighter Jason Arno is survived by his wife, Sarah-Elizabeth and daughter, Olivia.