Philadelphia Police Department, Pennsylvania • Line of Duty Death: March 13, 2020

Philadelphia Police Sgt. James O’Connor was shot and killed in the line of duty while serving a homicide warrant, on March 13, 2020. 

He was a 23 year veteran of the Philadelphia police force who served on the SWAT team for 15 years. O’Connor, who was a corporal at the time of his death, was posthumously promoted to sergeant.

He leaves behind his wife Teri, son, James “Jimmy” O’Connor V who is also a Philadelphia police officer, and a daughter who serves in the Air Force.

“On March 13, 2020, without any warning, my world was flipped upside down. I will never forget the phone call, and the ride to the hospital. I can’t forget some images my family and I had to see that morning. Life became a blur after that. I go through the motions each day. Yet, I barely function.  It’s been a literal worst nightmare that came true. A few days after my husband was shot and killed in the line of duty, our FOP president, John McNesby came by to check in on us. It was during that visit, that he told me someone wanted to pay off our mortgage. I just cried. The generosity of people is beyond overwhelming and hard to accept. I’m coming to learn that this is Jim’s way of still taking care of us. The Fallen First Responder Program is lifting a hefty burden off of us. I could of never imagined someone paying my mortgage. It has given me a slight sigh of relief, when it comes to worrying about that monthly bill. My husband gave 23 years and ultimately his life, for our city. We are beyond grateful that someone is recognizing his sacrifice and is willing to continue to take care of our family.”  – Terri O’Connor 

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation paid off the family’s mortgage as part of the 2020 Season of Hope.