Toledo Fire Department, Ohio • Line of Duty Death: January 26, 2014

On January 26, 2014, Toledo Fire Department Firefighter James “Jamie” Allen Dickman passed away while responding to an apartment fire.

Dickman was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio to his parents, Greg and Linda, along with his older and younger sisters, Caitlin and Olivia. His childhood was happy, adventurous, and he never met a stranger. Dickman loved comics and hanging out with his friends. He also adored music, so much so that he taught himself how to play the guitar, was in a band, and had childhood dreams of becoming a rockstar. He and his wife, Jamie, met while in youth group at their church and eventually married and had two children together.

Dickman had an older cousin who was a firefighter whom he admired deeply. As soon as he graduated from high school, Dickman began his journey of pursuing a career as a firefighter, just like his cousin. Being passionate about fire safety, he aspired to do everything in his power to keep his community and fellow firefighters safe. Dickman was a very ambitious person and made it a point to receive any and every certification he could. He loved to learn and had hoped to rise through the ranks before his premature passing. Throughout his honorable career, Dickman served ten years at Perkins Township Fire Department, and later moved on to Toledo Fire Department. While responding to an apartment fire, Dickman and his crew tried to save the alleged people who were trapped inside. When the situation escalated, two firefighters, including Dickman, were not able to make it out in time and perished. It was later found out that the fire was due to arson.

Jamie, Dickman’s wife, currently lives with their children, Paige and Grant Dickman. She enjoys jogging, reading, singing, and playing music. Additionally, she volunteers at her children’s school and sings regularly on the praise and worship team at her church. In the future, she is excited to pursue a master’s degree in counseling, as well as to see her children successful and happy. Jamie is grateful to Tunnel to Towers for providing her with the opportunity to pursue her dreams, now that the financial burden of a mortgage is off of her shoulders. She would like others to know that Dickman was an amazing husband and father and loved God so much. He was an advocate for being yourself no matter what and loved to help others, have fun, and make people laugh. He was the type of person that everybody remembers after meeting him once. Dickman will be greatly missed.

Toledo Fire Department Firefighter James “Jamie” Allen Dickman is survived by his loving wife, Jamie, his children, Paige and Grant, his parents, Greg and Linda, and his sisters, Caitlin and Olivia.