Prestonsburg, Kentucky • Line of Duty Death: July 1, 2022

On July 1, 2022, Prestonsburg Police Officer and K9 Handler Jacob Russell Chaffins was fatally shot while attempting to serve warrants for domestic violence offenses.

Chaffins was born in Pikeville, Kentucky and raised in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. He had five siblings and loved playing football and baseball. Having a strong interest in becoming a first responder, Chaffins volunteered with local fire departments. In 2014, he and his wife, Savannah, met when she was at work and called 911 for assistance. Chaffins was among those who responded to the call. Upon leaving to go back to the station, he wrote his phone number on a sheet of paper and left it on Savannah’s counter. She did not call, however, Chaffins went back to see her every day for about a week before she finally agreed to go out with him. His persistence paid off, as they fell in love and had their daughter, Paisley in 2016. In 2018, they were married.

Chaffins had a deep admiration for his father, who was a firefighter. He also had a deep passion for helping others and making a difference in his community. As such, he joined the Army National Guard in 2013. He then started his firefighter career with the City of Prestonsburg in 2017 and later transferred to the police department in 2019. He also worked as an EMT. Chaffins thrived on being involved and helping others. When he and Savannah first met, all he could talk about was becoming a police officer. After achieving that goal, he aimed to advance his career with the city. Chaffins was so proud to be a K9 handler and have his fur-best friend, Nelson. He also had countless life saving stories and arrests that he would talk about for hours.

Savannah currently loves to be involved in her daughter, Paisley’s, plethora of sports and activities, including dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, and soccer. She also began working as a counselor in 2018 to serve her community. She and Paisley are excited to see what life has in store for them from this point on. Savannah is also eternally grateful to Tunnel to Towers for the support and for taking many of her worries away. She would like others to know that Chaffins gave his life doing what he loved. Savannah and Paisley keep him in their conversations daily with Paisley often stating, “Dad was happy to take that call.” Chaffins will be remembered as a true hero.

Prestonsburg Police Officer and K9 Handler Jacob Russell Chaffins is survived by his loving wife, Savannah, and his daughter, Paisley.