Border Patrol, Texas • Line of Duty Death: May 8, 2021

On May 8, 2021, Border Patrol Agent and K9 Handler Freddie Vasquez lost his life after contracting COVID-19 in the line of duty.

Vasquez was born in El Paso, Texas and raised in Clint, Texas. He was full of life during his childhood, being very active, happy, and always joking around. He was very driven and loved to be productive, even into his adulthood. Vasquez grew up alongside his two brothers and was raised by his parents. He loved any outdoor activities, such as riding his bike. He was also involved with a religious dance group for many years and into his adulthood. Vasquez and his wife, Inez, met in middle school, although they did not speak to each other until they were 22 years old. Inez was riding her bike in the neighborhood one day when she passed Vasquez’s house and they began speaking. Vasquez invited her out, and they have been together since.

Vasquez had a lifelong dream of being in law enforcement and he turned his dream into a reality when he entered on duty with Border Control on June 16, 2002. He took a lot of pride in his job and always showed up to perform his duties to the best of his ability, all with a positive attitude. He took any and every opportunity to further his career and prosper. Throughout his career, he was part of ATV’s, bike patrol, intelligence, and a task force where Border Patrol agents worked alongside Customs Agents. On June 18, 2018, Vasquez became a K9 Handler, which was something he wanted to achieve since entering the patrol. He and K9 Meni made an astounding team, often recognized as “Top Dog” at their station. Vasquez received several recognitions and awards throughout his career, most notably being two heroism awards attributed to his work rescuing from the American Canal in June and July of 2020. Vasquez is remembered for his diligent service to his station and his extreme bravery to serve during the pandemic. His courage, determination and love is forever honored and cherished by everyone he knew.

Currently, Inez and her children live in the home she and Vasquez chose as their forever home before his passing. She enjoys reading, painting by numbers, diamond painting, playing football with her son, Roblox with her daughter, and riding bikes with her children. After such a devastating loss, Inez is working on getting closer to God and finding her purpose in life beyond raising her children. She is excited for what the future holds and grateful to Tunnel to Towers for lifting a financial burden off of her shoulders in the form of a mortgage-free home. She is now able to do more activities with her children, and had the opportunity to take them to a C.O.P.S. kids camp where they were able to connect with other children who have experienced a similar loss. Having been a great experience, Inez plans on taking them back every summer until they age out of the camp. In addition, she and her children made a bucket list of places they’d never been and would love to visit. She would like others to know that her husband was a bigger-than-life personality who touched the lives of everyone he met. His personality was magnetic, he loved to sing, cook, grill, and have gatherings at their home. He also enjoyed working with his hands and finding new projects to work on. Most of all, however, Vasquez adored being a father. He will truly be missed.

Border Patrol Agent and K9 Handler Freddie Vasquez is survived by his wife, Inez, his children, his grandson, who he never had the opportunity to meet, his parents, and his brothers.