El Paso Fire Department, Texas ● Line of Duty Death: April 21, 2020

On April 21st, 2020, Fire Suppression Technician Eduardo Arturo Ramirez was running outside the fire station doing some physical training when he suddenly collapsed. His Lieutenant witnessed his fall and immediately had Ramirez rushed to the hospital where he ultimately suffered a fatal exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage.

Ramirez, of El Paso, Texas, served with the El Paso Fire Department for 19 years finishing his career as a Fire Suppression Technician at Station 8. Although Ramirez seemed to have a tough-looking exterior, he will be remembered by friends and family as a gentle giant. He loved being with his family, countless hours were spent wrestling and playing with his sons, teaching them life lessons along the way.

Fire Suppression Technician Eduardo Arturo Ramirez is survived by his wife, Vanessa, and his two sons, Anthony Edward and Daniel Edward.