Stuttgart Police Department, Arkansas • Line of Duty Death: December 15, 2022

On December 15, 2022, Stuttgart Police Department Sergeant Donald Scoby sustained fatal gunshot wounds while pursuing a suspect who fled from a traffic stop. 

Scoby was born in Bethesda, Maryland and spent his childhood in Maryland, California, and Arkansas, often relocating due to his father’s military career. Scoby met his wife, Amanda, at the restaurant where she was employed, which he frequented until he finally got the nerve to ask her on a date. 

Scoby joined the National Guard originally to get out of Arkansas, before enlisting in the United States Army and serving for a total of eight years and was deployed to Iraq and Bosnia. Scoby then joined the Stuttgart Fire Department first as a volunteer, and then transitioned to full time. Scoby’s ultimate goal was to join the Stuttgart Police Department, so when the opportunity was presented to him in July 2018, he jumped at the chance. Scoby was motivated by his desire to help the community grow and improve citizens’ perceptions of law enforcement. He loved pursuing suspects and especially loved being a K-9 officer. After only a year and a half with the Stuttgart Police Department, Scoby was declared Officer of the Year. 

Currently, Amanda likes to take it one day at a time, however, she enjoys volunteering at the local police department during special events. In the future, Amanda is excited to continue to watch her children grow. She and her family are perpetually grateful to Tunnel to Towers for providing them with the financial stability to be able to continue living in their family home, which holds countless memories with Scoby. Amanda would like others to remember to always tell loved ones they are loved, to be safe no matter where they are going or what they are doing, and to never have regrets about what was said or not said. She misses her husband dearly, however, she knows he passed away honorably, saving others and doing what he was meant to do – protecting others. 

Stuttgart Police Department Sergeant Donald Scoby is survived by his loving wife, Amanda, four children and four grandchildren.