Bear Creak, Pennsylvania • Line of Duty Death: December 27, 2021

Pennsylvania K9 Sergeant Christopher Mortensen passed away on December 27, 2021 due to contracting COVID-19 while in the line of duty.

Mortensen grew up an only child in the small coal mining town of Girardville, Pennsylvania and was raised by his single mother and his Aunt Val. He enjoyed spending time with his family, friends, and cousins. He also attended Catholic school through his senior year of high school where he participated in various sports, including basketball and football. When Mortensen was 21, while in college, Mortensen and his wife, Alicia, met at a fraternity party. Although she never thought he would call after she gave him his number, he did and the pair were inseparable since. They spent 24 happy years together, 16 of them being married.

Enjoying working with the community and hoping to make a change for the better, Mortensen decided to attend the Police Academy in the early 2000s. He wanted people to know that he was there to protect them and be of aid during their times of need. Mortensen was particularly passionate about child safety and strived to ensure to children that there are good people out there ready and willing to help them. Above all else in his career, Mortensen was proud of being a K9 handler. He loved his partner, Crocky, and was devastated when he passed away due to cancer. Later on, Mortensen was promoted to K9 Sergeant and a certified teaser trainer and mase trainer. In addition, he was the desk Sergeant for several years working with different police agencies. Just a few days before Thanksgiving in 2021, Mortensen was hospitalized with COVID-19. After a month-long stay, he prematurely left this world two days after Christmas.

Currently Alicia and her son live in the home she and Mortensen chose as their forever home in Pennsylvania. She enjoys watching numerous series’ on Netflix and is an active soccer mom. When there is time, she likes to gather with friends. In the future, she is excited to continue to watch her son grow up and where her career may take her. Alicia would like to thank all of her family who has supported her during the difficult time following her significant loss and her cousin, John, and her brother, Joe, for being supportive men in her son’s life. She is grateful to Tunnel to Towers for providing her with the financial stability of a mortgage-free home. It has lifted a heavy weight off of her shoulders. Finally, Alicia would like others to know that her husband was an amazing man. He touched many lives and left very big shoes to be filled. She describes herself as lucky to have had him by her side and support her. He is severely missed.

Pennsylvania K9 Sergeant Christopher Mortensen is survived by his loving wife, Alicia, and his beautiful son.