Scott County Sheriff’s Office, Kentucky • Line of Duty Death: May 22, 2023

Scott County Deputy Sheriff and former United States Army Specialist Caleb Conley passed away on May 22, 2023 after being fatally shot while conducting a routine traffic stop.

Conley was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona until the age of 14 when his family relocated to Cynthiana, Kentucky. As a child Conley loved to hunt and fish, his family would go on many trips together and enjoy quality family time. Conley came from a service oriented family, his Father being a Highway Patrolman, Uncle being a Kentucky State Trooper and both of them serving in the United States Army. Conley’s Father and Uncle had inspired him to live a life of service and follow in their footsteps.

Conley enlisted in the United States Army straight out of high school in 2006. He served for eight years, ultimately reaching the rank of Specialist with one tour of duty in Iraq under his belt. After his time with the Army was complete, Conley began working for the Scott County Sheriff’s Office. He loved being able to help those in need and make the community a better place. He was awarded numerous accolades for his exemplary service at the Scott County Sheriff’s Office including but not limited to, the 2021 Scott County Sheriff’s Office Chief’s Award and the Deputy of the Year Award in 2022. 

Currently, Conley’s wife, Rachel, loves to hunt, fish, and spend time with family and friends. After the passing of her husband, Rachel founded the Caleb Conley Foundation alongside her mother-in-law, Jolene, and Andrew Doyle, motivated by their desire to give money to the families of first responders in Kentucky who are injured in the line of duty. In the future, Rachel is excited to continue to watch her children, Riley and Olivia, grow and thrive. She is also graduating from Eastern Kentucky University in the coming months with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. With her degree, she plans on helping others who have experienced trauma or lost loved ones. Rachel is grateful for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation for providing her and her family with the financial stability of a mortgage-free home. She is now able to allow her children to continue to grow in the home they have known their whole lives, and where so many memories with their father are held. She would like others to know that her husband was a wonderful person. He always tried to help people and give back to his community. Their marriage was beautiful and he was an exceptional father. Her advice to others is to give more, love more and laugh more, just like Conley did. 

Scott County Deputy Sheriff and former Army Specialist Caleb Conley is survived by his loving wife, Rachel, their two children, Riley and Olivia, and his parents, William and Jolene. Conley is preceded in death by his sister Morgan, with whom he shared a close bond.