Crisp County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia • Line of Duty Death: October 31, 2020

On October 31, 2020, Crisp County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Avery Delshawn Hillman passed away as a result of contracting COVID-19 in the line of duty.

Hillman was born and raised in Cordele, Georgia. His childhood was a great one, being involved in his school’s band and basketball team, as well as taking interest in other sports. In addition, Hillman was interested in the military from a young age and knew he was destined to enlist one day. He and his future wife, Cherese, met while she was working at the hospital and Hillman was working security there for the Crisp County Sheriff’s Department.

Wanting to serve and protect his country, Hillman decided to join the U.S. Army in 1990. He loved the rewarding feeling of helping and protecting people that could not help themselves. Hillman’s goal was to serve 20 years in the military. In addition to serving 18 years, he also served thirty years at the Crisp County Sheriff’s Department. Hillman’s achievements and certifications include de-escalation options for gaining compliance, building positive community, and relations sovereign citizen movement. While working security in the hospital, Hillman contracted COVID-19 and fought for three months before ultimately succumbing to the illness.

To honor her husband’s legacy, Cherese continues to help veterans in any way possible by volunteering at many different events. In the future, Cherese is excited to continue watching her son grow and turn into a man that Hillman would be proud of, many of Hillman’s qualities are mirrored onto his son. Cherese would like to thank her parents, Joan and Fred, for being there for her and her son throughout this difficult time. She is grateful to Tunnel to Towers for taking the burden of a mortgage off of her shoulders. She is now able to focus on healing and moving forward. Cherese would like others to know that Hillman was an outstanding father who loved to watch his son grow. He was proud of his 48 honorable years between the military and law enforcement. Hillman loved everything about his jobs and will be incredibly missed.

Crisp County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Avery Delshawn Hillman is survived by his loving wife, Cherese, and son Maleakhi.