South Metro Fire Rescue, Colorado ● Line of Duty Death: September 15, 2021

On September 15, 2021, Firefighter Paramedic Anthony “Tony” Palato, passed away after his battle with occupational cancer. In 2017, Palato was diagnosed with job-related cancer and a few years later was in remission, but unfortunately relapsed.

Palato served as a Colorado firefighter for 21 years, beginning his service with the City of Sheridan and then Cunningham Fire before moving to South Metro Fire Rescue. 

Palato was a phenomenal paramedic, and intuitive caregiver. He was an outstanding example of the caliber of work Firefighters and Paramedics are committed to maintaining. Tony’s dedication to his patients was an inspiration.

He truly cared for every patient he took care of. Tony poured his heart into his work, and is remembered as a kind, caring, and compassionate man.

Firefighter Paramedic Anthony “Tony” Palato is survived by his wife and two daughters.