Texas Department of Public Safety ● Line of Duty Death: January 21, 2022

Department of Public Safety Special Agent and former United States Marine Anthony Carlos Salas lost his life while working tactical operations with the U.S. Border Patrol, where he was involved in a car crash while transporting illegal immigrants on January 21st. Salas succumbed to his injuries at University Hospital in San Antonio the day after. 

Salas joined the Texas Department of Public Safety in 2013, after having served as a U.S. Marine since 2004. In his time with the Department of Public Safety, he was promoted from Trooper to Special Agent in the Criminal Investigator Division, and eventually became a part of the Special Response team. 

Salas was a devoted family man who loved his wife and children profoundly. ​​He is remembered for his passion and zest for life. Salas served his community and upheld his duty, demonstrating incredible bravery in protecting the great state of Texas. Salas leaves behind his loving wife, Lizzett, and three children: Alessandra, Isabella, and Luke.