Pentagon Secretary, Washington, D.C. • Line of Duty Death: May 8, 2023

On May 8, 2023, Anne H. Call passed away due to a 9/11-related illness.

Born in February of 1968 in Washington, D.C., Call grew up in Waldorf, Maryland. She graduated from La Plata High School in 1986 before serving 37 years with the F.B.I. at the Washington Field Office. She enjoyed attending the movies, the county fair, and high school football games with friends. Call was known for her love of music. 

Call was a devoted and loyal employee, as noted by the countless awards she received throughout her career. 

Admired by her friends, with whom Call spent time bowling, carpool rides to work, and enjoying 80s rock music with, they consider it a privilege to have known her. She was unconditionally loved by her husband, who states she will continue to live on in his heart.

Anne H. Call is survived by her husband, James, her son, Jeremy, her mother, her brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephew.