As stated in previous posts, the staff at the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation absolutely LOVES when we are visiting our injured service members and their families or when they come to town to visit us! We were so blessed to be joined by Todd Love, Larry Bailey, and Bryan Dilberian for dinner on Staten Island on August 5th. The sight of our staff greeting our service members upon arrival is one to behold. There’s non-stop smiling, hugging, talking, and laughing! We are not shy about expressing our excitement to see one another. It’s kind of like a big family reunion!

This night was no different. Our group met at a back table in the restaurant set for 20 people – one big happy family! There is always so much to catch up on, so, aside from when we’re eating, there is rarely a quiet moment at the table. These opportunities to sit down for dinner as a staff, with the injured service members that we either have built a smart home for through Building for America’s Bravest or are in the process of building a home for, are very special. We get updates on their personal lives – from who is going to be a new parent, to who just went on the trip of a lifetime, to who is going to be participating in his first hand cycle race, etc. It’s why we do what we do here at the Foundation – we care about the general well being of those in our Building for America’s Bravest program. It’s more than just building a smart home – it’s about giving back independence to our injured service members so they can move forward with their lives.

Our service members are also invested in what is going on in the lives of the T2T staff as well – both at the Foundation and in our personal lives. Todd Love is always first to ask “How are things at the office?” “Y’all busy getting ready for the Tunnel to Towers 5K Run & Walk?” It’s always so nice for the staff to hear that our service members are interested in what’s going on at the Foundation and how we’re doing as individuals. It’s not just about getting a smart home through the Foundation – these guys and their families are part of our Foundation through and through! While we’re always looking out for them, it does our hearts good to know they’re doing the same for us. This is what being part of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation is all about – you are surrounded by honest, genuine, caring people. The bond between our Building for America’s Bravest program participants and the staff is unbreakable!

We are so blessed to enjoy nights like that of August 5th. Although we are always sad to see the service members and their families go home, we know it won’t be long until we all see each other again for another great night!

“Let Us Do Good”

Photo Credit: Marie DeLeon

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  • Never heard of you folks until I looked up Brendan Marrocco! I heard about him in my D.A.V. magazine soon after he entered Walter Reed…I began sending donations to his father Alex, to help build the house for him,I guess you know they had to raise that house up eight feet after hurricane Sandy…Well Brendan’s dad has started a “Road Home Foundation to help other soldiers and their family’s, and I continue to contribute monthly to them…Alex tells me which projects they are doing..We have become like brothers even tho I live in Alaska..He sends me photos of Brendan’s progress…I am a Viet Nam vet myself and Brendan’s courage really impressed me, as well as his family pulling together for him…If I can round up some extra bucks I will donate to you also…Looks like you do great work! From George Trudeau

    • Thank you so much for your support, George! Happy to have you as a part of our efforts.


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